Marketing Vehicle Insights

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    Unique Vehicle Insights

  • Unique Vehicle Insights

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Unique Vehicle Insights

Intelliscape combine a unique approach of analysis to give both marketing and security industries an advantage. It’s a strange mix, but that’s what’s unique. Both seek information and Intelliscape delivers. With our systems gathering the information that’s already around you, you’ll have a better informed approach than ever. 

Intelliscape systems can give you a unique approach to vehicle insights. Our systems harness the latest technology with our own procedures to give you the specific information you need.
We utilise: 
  • License plate recognition
  • Car recognition
  • Laser counting
  • Intersection analyser

The Leading Edge

Intelliscape is the first company in the world to develop a system for detecting the make and model of vehicle for billboard marketing purposes. This gives you a range of new avenues to explore in both marketing and security spectrums. This is just the beginning. With the gathered information you can make insights and analysis to refine what you do. 

We’re driving analytics – experience the different today.
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VIC 3006
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