Marketing People Insights

  • Audience Measurement

    Use Audience Measurement to understand Age and Gender

  • Biometrics

    Leverage Facial Recognition for Biometric requirements

  • Intelligent Video Analytics

    Utilise Video Anlaytics for both Marketing and Security to detect a wide range of events

  • Audio Analytics

    90% of Physical Aggression is preceded by Verbal Abuse

  • Intelligent Video Analytics

    Security Operators typically lose focus after just 22 minutes. Video Analytics can automatically detect events

  • Intelligent Video Analytics

    Use forensic search to locate person of interest

Driving Insights for Security

People Insights for Security is core to what Intelliscape is about. Security Operators are required to deal with an increasing number of security cameras with limited staff and budgets. 

Intelliscape can help through our many security platforms designed to provide organisations with advanced capabilities to fight a wide range of crime including Link Analysis (who knows who) Fraud, Money Laundering and Collusion.  

Video Analytics, Audio Analytics and Facial Recognition are powerful tools designed to help improve the efficiency of security operators taking them from a reactive to proactive capability. 

Intelliscape can integrate the above solutions with leading 3rd party Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and High Risk Entity databases, as well as identity verification and company databases.

Intelliscape can utilise Marketing tools such as Audience Measurement to establish profiles and demographic information which is of strong  benefit to Security personnel. 

Because of our strong  Marketing background we understand the importance of providing a wide range of Analytic/Data Visualisation capabilities which is of high importance and often saves time and effort for Security personnel. 

Driving Insights for Marketing

As Intelliscape works across both Security and Marketing, we are experts at leveraging tools that are traditionally designed for Security but applying them for Marketing purposes.

Security tools can be used to count and identify people in addition to building people profiles.  
Intelliscape works very closely with its sister company "Digital Experiences" to provide a wide range of Marketing capabilities which is enhanced due to our strong security portfolio.  

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